First meeting / case history

The duration of the first meeting can be to 2 hours. This duration is necessary for me to be able to get to know you current illness, so I can choose the suitable treatment for you, because you are a special case with a special clinical picture. Please think in advance about which sanitary strains were you exposed to. Also details like vaccinations, childhood illnesses, familial health impacts, psychological strains and accidents. Follow-up appointments can last for about 30 minutes.


I use modern laboratory diagnostics for a holistic capture of your condition.


Naturopathic practitioners are not allowed to be paid using health insurance. My honorarium shall be paid directly after the treatment. In case you have an additional or a private insurance, it is possible that they refund your invoice. Our experience shows that these insurances unfortunately do not cover all costs of natural treatments. My honorarium/hr. for case history/repertorisation is 70,- €. Sometimes a homeopathic repertorisation can be needed due to your information and in this case additional costs will be due. In case a repertorisation would be needed, it will be mentioned during the interview. Appointments that are not adhered to or not canceled 24 hours earlier will be invoiced.

Notes to correspond to the legal situation

The listed treatment processes are only for information. You are not qualified to diagnose yourself, treat yourself or ignore necessary examinations. Many naturopathic practitioners do not commit to the to the contemporary conventional medicine’s guidelines, they are not yet proved in the recognized science and for several scientists considered to be controversial.