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Social Involvment

October 2015

BNI Büchner Chapter and I as a member invited 200 refugees from the Starkenburgkaserne to the Waldoni children circus. The children were driven there with a bus, and were served something to drink and eat and were very delighted with the demonstrations. At the end they were driven back with the bus to their accommodations.

Since 2013

A member of German Syrian Club: Provision of medical supplies for the war-stricken Syria. / Organizing hospitals in Syria. / Foundation of orphanages in Aleppo.

December 2010

BNI Chapter Büchner and I as a member offered a donation of 50 vouchers to Astrid Zilch, manager of the German Child Protection Association in Darmstadt district, during our Christmas celebration. We bought the vouchers earlier from Karstadt, C&A, Faix Toys, and Luisen Center. The members of this worldwide organization of business recommendations wanted in this year to support needy children instead of exchanging presents among each other. Mrs. Zilch distributed the vouchers to the needy families of Darmstadt.