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Diseases should not shake us to the level where we lose our joy of life. They can be rather a guidepost to suggest a new and better life direction for our body and soul. Those who can understand diseases as a way to rethinking can see the importance of reflecting on their efforts and lives, and which measure can be taken, to have a future with harmony and better health. The naturopathy supports these processes optimally; it is based on the assumption that it stimulates the body’s self-healing powers.

Many people decide to take the natural treatments because conventional medicine could not give them the help they wished for. Also prophylactically, naturopathy enjoys a great popularity. This includes, in particular, the mistletoe therapy for immune strengthening, the gut renovation with homeopathic remedies, the autohemotherapy for allergy inclination and spagyric recovery.

Decades of experience of treating people around the world naturopathically show time and again that it is possible to harmoniously activate the self-healing powers and thereby regain the quality of life without suppressing symptoms.

Since 1989, I study homeopathy, spagyrics, anthroposophic medicine, herbal medicine and other naturopathic methods. I expand my skills through annual medical training. I also give lectures and teach.

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Christine Sissouno
Naturopath and beautician